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LED Tube Lights: The Bright Showstopper

Posted by Admin on October, 14, 2021

A semiconductor light source that glows and emits light when flowing current passes through it, is called a LED or light-emitting diode. Electrons recombine with electron holes to release photons. The colour of the emitted light is determined by the energy required by the electrons for crossing the bandgap of the semiconductor. White light is emitted by using a layer of phosphor, that emits light, on the device of semiconductor.

LEDs are applied over a number of applications such as fairy lights, aviation lighting, medical devices, horticultural glow lights, lighted wallpaper, camera flashes, traffic signals, general lighting, advertising and automotive headlamps. These lights possess numerous advantages over traditional incandescent sources of light, for example, reducing power consumption, improved physical robustness, longer lifetime, faster switching and conceivable size.

LED Tube Lights
The LED lamp used as tube lights is called LED tube lights. The LED lamps are used in luminaries of the traditional fluorescent tube with bases of G5 and G13. The LED tubes are generally produced using a large number of LEDs of low or medium power. This helps in balancing the light output and heat conduction across the entire length of the tube. Hence the operating temperature is quite lower and the produced about of heat is very low.

LED Tubes vs Fluorescent Tubes

• Materials: The LED tube lighting enables the state of art functionality through utilising an aluminium backbone, high-quality electrical components and polycarbonate lens. These lights are equipped with none hazardous materials, which are lead and mercury-free and also free from other toxic substances. Whereas fluorescent tube lights are made of plastic, glass, metal and mercury. The glass possesses the risk of breaking along with the risk of getting exposed to mercury.

• Longevity: LED tubes possess much elongated longevity. It endures over 70000 hours. Hence over time, an LED tube pays for itself. Fluorescent tube lights depend highly on ballast, the fluorescent tube fails as the ballast fails. Otherwise, a fluorescent tube light does not last longer than 3 to 5 years

• Efficiency: The consumption cost of electricity by means of LED tubes is more or less 17 per cent of the total budget of the user. For a fluorescent tube light, a large amount of produced energy is wasted because of the transformation into heat instead of light.

• Colour Rendering: The light emitted from LED tube light resembles natural sunlight pretty much. The reason being, the LED chip is represented with every colour of the spectrum. This results in the production of the brightest white light. The lighting of fluorescent tubes is not flattering, for the wavelengths of the colour spike at red, blue and green. It results in a harsher colour.

Trade and Commerce
There are a number of companies that are engaged as LED Tube Lights Manufacturer in Rajasthan. They produce quite superior quality goods with white LED chip modules. These companies claim their products do not contain any harmful elements like mercury and lead. These lamps are considered green lighting lamps.

These companies also claim that the LED tube lights they produce do not make any unwanted noise. Not only this they are largely applicable for illumination in instruments and electrical devices of high precision. Due to all these factors, the LED Tube Lights Exporters enjoys a large demand from overseas and also meet them.

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